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Welcome to the TVR Chimaera Pages!

Thanks for visiting! This site is dedicated to the ownership and maintenance of the TVR Chimaera.

If you have an comments, suggestions or contributions please use the 'Contact' link on the left.

Thanks, Alex.

Some random articles for you to explore...

London Thunder - 2006-11-25

(External) London Thunder was a great success, keep your eye on this site for news and pictures from the event.

Setting Up Cam Timing - 2007-05-05

(External Link) A link to some useful info on Rover V8 Mods and details of how to set up cam timing.

Electric Window Speed Increase - 2006-12-02

Keith's article on how to improve the speed of the Chimaera's electric windows (a common problem!).

Alternative Lights-on Buzzer - 2007-09-29

An alternative lights-on buzzer circuit design.

The Purple Monster - 2006-01-25

Our first article comes from Jon (Jellison) and it outlines the extensive modifications that he's made to his Chimaera 500. Starting with an engine transplant!

100 Amp Fuse Replacement - 2006-06-29

Subject of myth and legend, this article documents the replacement of the elusive 100 amp fuse.

Group Buy - Home Garage Car Lift - 2008-12-23

(External) A friend of mine is looking to put together a group-buy for a portable car lift system. Take a look at the links in the thread for more details.
Lift Image

Mod-Wise Two Stage Fan Controller Kit - 2006-06-25

Today I finally fitted my mod-wise 2 stage fan kit. Here's a description of the process along with some photos.

Bob's Combined Key and Fob Guide - 2006-03-05

Reduce your keyring clutter!

Chimaera Featured in the Scotsman - 2006-03-24

(External) An article and review of the Chimaera recently added to the Classic Car Club fleet.

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