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Welcome to the TVR Chimaera Pages!

Thanks for visiting! This site is dedicated to the ownership and maintenance of the TVR Chimaera.

If you have an comments, suggestions or contributions please use the 'Contact' link on the left.

Thanks, Alex.

Some random articles for you to explore...

TVR Chimaera Hot-Start Kit Installation - 2006-06-10

A quick writeup (with photos) of my recent mod-wise, hot-start kit installation.

Replacement Outrigger Sections - 2009-03-08

Ian from SportMotive has more replacement chassis components available. This time a solution to rotten outriggers that doesn't require the body to be lifted!

The Last Cerbera - 2006-07-31

(External) Not strictly Chimaera related but you may like to take a look at the last Cerbera which is being auctioned off this August.

Electric Window Speed Increase - 2006-12-02

Keith's article on how to improve the speed of the Chimaera's electric windows (a common problem!).

Chimaera vs. BMW Z3 M Roadster - 2010-05-04

(external) A classic feature from 'old' Top Gear.

Fusebox Modification - 2007-08-03

Martin's fusebox modification. Details and pictures of these modifications.

London Thunder - 2006-11-25

(External) London Thunder was a great success, keep your eye on this site for news and pictures from the event.

Chimaera Chassis Restoration - 2007-04-29

Jonathan's chassis restoration photos.

The Chimaera Resources - 2010-05-08

(external) RV8R is the source of the Griffith and Chimaera, or Chimaera and Griffith, Resource. This is a file, downloaded from the internet, which contains information designed to enhance the ownership of these wonderful cars. It consist of articles on how various people have completed work on their cars.
It is free. That means free. Further, the Resource will have updates periodically which will cost exactly the same. What have you got to lose?

Audible Turn Signal - 2007-09-28

A turn signal buzzer project to avoid the embarrassment of leaving your indicator on!

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